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Revised April 2, 2020


This came courtesy of Frank - if your interested in visiting any District 9 events, here's the schedule
Dear All,
I hope you are staying safe and healthy!
We have been working through the winter months to set the regatta plan for 2020.  Below is the latest and what I submitted to ILCA a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic situation we will have to consider at the least, the early season regattas as subject to change.
The 2020 plan includes a major event: the Great Lakes Championship which will be held at the Rochester YC on Sept 12-13. 
The D9 Grand Prix will be held at Willow Bank YC as a one-day on August 22. 
Thanks to everyone involved in planning and hosting in 2020.  I will keep you posted of any cancellations or changes.
All the best to you, your families and friends.  Hope to have this blasted virus in the rear view mirror, and see you on the water soon!
May 24 (Sunday), Ithaca YC, Wine Keg Regatta
May 30, Saratoga Sailing Club, Saratoga Derby
June 6, Seneca YC, Thistle/Laser regatta
July 11-12, Centrals on Sodus, Sodus Bay Jr Sailing Association
July 18, Thousand Island Park Yacht Club
July 25, Seneca YC, Doug Wisor Regatta
Aug 1-2, Junior Olympics, RYC, Rochester
Aug 8, Newport YC, Rochester
Aug 22, D9 Grand Prix / Death Roll Regatta, Willow Bank YC
Sept 6 (Sunday), Northern Lake George YC, 50/50 Laser Regatta
Sept 12-13, Great Lakes Championship, Rochester YC
Sept 19, Otsego Sailing Club, Glimmerglass Regatta
Oct 11 (Sunday), Henderson Harbor YC


Winter Sailing at Seawanhaka!  Excerpts from the full sailing season 2019-20. An uncharacteristically mild winter, most days saw about 10 knots of breeze but we had both very windy and very light days as well. My apologies to John - at about 10:30 in the video he got separated from his capsized boat, but while the camera picked it up, my eyes were in the other direction - otherwise, I would have stopped! It didn't help that another boat snagged his rudder, but he wasn't as far from his boat as it looks - my camera has a wide-angle lens. All in all a great season, though cut short. Unfortunately, the last 2 races and our awards dinner had to be cancelled to the COVID 19 virus. Everybody stay well for next year!



Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club
Saturday, April 4, 2020
Unfortunately, cancelled to the COVID-19 virus.  Everybody stay well!


A note from Bob - Over the years, every now and then, I get a note from someone asking how to join a race. The short answer - just show up! We'll get you signed in at the site. We don't need advance notice, and we don't hold anyone responsible if they can't make it at the last minute (flashback to a previous years' Southampton YC Regatta, when the alternator on my tow vehicle failed halfway there!) There may be an Invitational or some other event that requires qualifying, check the Schedule, but the vast majority of our events have no pre-registration. Anyhow, just bring your boat to the next regatta that looks good to you and you're in!

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News, events, interesting happenings?  New boat, career change, new baby?  Let me know and we’ll share it on the site!  This site is more than just race reports – it’s a great way for all of the good folks in District 8 to keep in touch.  Just e-mail me your info for posting.

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