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A Word From Rachel at Breakwater Frostbiting | Request for More Sailors! and 2 BYC Lasers to Borrow

Hi Laser Sailors,

We have had 3 to 5 boats on the line for Laser Frostbiting the last few Saturdays and it would be great to have more. Sean confirms there are two BYC lasers and rigs at the club, so those of you concerned about access to a boat, you are now ready to go. Wetsuits have been very doable (until today, hmm) given the warm fall and water. We have a clubhouse with a fireplace and shower, and Marty is an incredible resource on RC, putting a lot of time and effort into helping us, as always. So come on down! It's really fun and it will keep you naturally high for the rest of your weekend. 

Now for a little Ms. Meanie: you are all on the NBIBCLRA laser list and if you consider yourself a real sailor you should be down at the club on a Saturday trying out cold weather sailing.  At least once. Fleet 413 in Newport gets 40 people on the line each weekend all winter.  Seawanhaka at least a dozen. We should be able to represent here on the East End with at least three sailors. First step: ask Marty to put your name on the laser email list. Then eventually you can succumb to our peer pressure, yay. 

Full disclosure: This is a very selfish request, given Marty won't go out unless we have three boats. So please join. Barry and I will thank you. We won't have to drive 2 hours to find real sailors. I will bribe you if needed with peppermint Schnapps and hot chocolate.

For those of you who have showed to date, you all rock! Thank you!

See you all soon--this Saturday to be precise. Marty says we're on if sailors show.

Best wishes to all, and Happy Day of Thanks,


What I Am Thankful For:

  • Marty because he supports laser sailors
  • Barry because he shows each weekend to laser race
  • Bruce Kirby for designing the laser, even if he wants to rename it The Torch (blurg!)
  • BYC and Sean for providing us resources and a base from which to launch and socialize
  • The engineers of polypropylene, neoprene and Gortex so we can "frostbite" without "getting frostbite" 
  • All of you for reading this far down the email and hopefully considering two hours of Frostbiting next Saturday!

Woohoo, sail on!  :) 

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Seawanhaka Winter Sailing

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Huguenot Yacht Club (Westchester County) would like to invite you to join us on the beautiful winter waters of Western Long Island Sound for our 2016-17 Laser Frostbiting Season. We get underway Sunday November 6th and will be running races as the rest of the world hibernates through to April 2nd, 2017.

           Click HERE for NOR
           Website: http://huguenotyc.com