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Good evening!

Revised March 03, 201

Poor Matt, slashes his finger while helping another competitor rig & then later gets his face bashed by his boat at the ACC's. Click here for gory video

How can you tell if a Laser sailor has been sailing fast? Click here for video!
filmed 1/24/10

 The facts of life? Click on image for a "nature documentary!"
filmed 11/22/09

Laser Speed Secrets Part II - What makes Lindsay so fast?  Click on image for video

So, last week Laser sailor Greg Druhak gives me a video of the old chestnut, "Bambi Meets Godzilla." I think I last saw this about 40 years ago. Anyhow, Greg got to musing about "Mothra Meets SCYC Winter Sailing." Well, I couldn't pass up an idea like that! Click here to view a new classic in silly video!

I've already done a "music video" of the May 17th Dinghy Shop Regatta, but since I haven't done a video in a while I thought I'd give everyone a "blooper reel" of my mistakes that day. No music, just the real sound this time.

 Click on image for video

Oddities...strange, weird things seen by the water

 click on image for video

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