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Linda and Bob on the Water Again


Personal Interests

First and foremost, Sailing!

I have been sailing since 1973. I have raced on big boats, but currently one-design on a Laser class sailboat (Little Linda) in Laser District 8. I race the Laser year-round (yes, I'm a frostbiter). I also sail a twenty-foot pocket cruiser (Charybdis) that I take the family out on. Charybdis is sailed in Long Island Sound and has been singlehanded as far as Block Island.




I am an aviation buff. Both my parents are pilots, and I've helped with the construction of home-built race planes


I do a bit of furniture building in my basement. I also do some occasional work on stained glass.

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My Family

I have been married to Nancy for fifteen years, and we have a terrific little eleven year old girl named Linda. Linda is into drawing, and Pokemon!

The Family


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Current Projects

On the business front, I've started working for the District Attorney's office, as a paralegal. The work is very rewarding.

Nancy has been busy with her work in Occupational Therapy.

Linda is about to start the sixth grade.

Oreo and Misty are now grown, but still playful.

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E-mail me at: Terryrobert@msn.com


Last revised: August 09, 2002.