District 8 Team List

Sometimes, its just difficult getting your boat to a great event. The Laser was designed to be cartopped, but its not easy getting it on and off the racks yourself. Not a problem at the race site, everyone helps each other, but what about if the boat's in the backyard? Getting it on the car at home and taking it back down after the race can damage car, boat, and sailor!

If you have garage space, you may be able to rig an overhead tackle, while some innovative sailors have improvised crane systems.

Trailers can be a great answer, but they aren't cheap, and they have to be registered, although trailers designed specifically for the Laser, like the Rite-On and the Kittyhawk are pretty good values. You can also did what I did and modify an inexpensive trailer from a tool warehouse. But, a one boat trailer can easily carry two Lasers with a little padding, while an inexpensive rack setup lets you carry 3 or 4 boats. Another idea, if you and a friend both have roof racks, a little advance planning can have you helping one another with the load and offload.

That brings us to this page. Our old stalwart racers have worked out ways to get to events, now its time for everyone with boats in the backyard (or at the club) to get to those events that, well, look like fun but I can't get there! Big boat skippers have Crew Call lists posted at yacht clubs and online, so why not a Team List to get sailors working together to attend?

This works like the classified ads on this site. Just send me your name and hometown, to robertterry@optonline.net, and I'll post them along with your e-mail so that everyone can contact each other. Given the traffic on this website, I know there are a lot of prople reading these pages who haven't been able to get out to events.

One more thing, if your boat is at a yacht club, I can post that info too so that if your club is hosting the event, you can contact fellow sailors and get them to come on down! We always see Lasers sitting idle in racks at our club-hosted events- lets get those boats wet and go racing!